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Project |01


Project |01 AMPS / Architecture_MPS

AMPS, an international non-profit research organisation. Its peer reviewed academic journal is Architecture_MPS. Both organisations examine architecture in the mediated environment of 21st century cultures. It seeks to expand an understanding of architecture and related disciplines as both a reflection of society and as a driver in its formation and promote the socially responsable development of teh built environment.   


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Project |02


Project |02 Hybrid Artworks


Hybrid Artworks was an interdisciplinary cooperative based in Hull, UK and operative between 1995 and 2000. It produced pieces of performance art, video installation and theatre hosted in various architectural locations.  It was funded on a project by project basis by various arts boards and performed at music, art and literature festivals across the north of England.


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Project |03


Project |03 Architecture as Political Image

The project investigates the use of architecture in political imagery in the US and the UK - both  historical representations of power and contemporary images of democracy. It investigates the use of architecture as symbolic and promotional bac​kdrops and metaphor in policy arguments. It questions the role of these representations in the historical development of the built environment in both countries.


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Project |04


Project |04 The Mediated City

This program of events and publications has involved conferences held in London, Bristol and Los Angeles. Offering a platform for multiple and diverse examinations of the city these events bring together specialists from the realms of the built environment and media technologies to explore the future of the modern city as both a physical entity and a digitally overlaid ensemble of technological networks. There is an associated Mediated Cities books series launched with Intellect Books, UK. 


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Project |05


Project |05 Housing–Critical Futures

This program was initiated in 2015. It involves collaborations and support from universities internatioanlly and leading UK organisations such as Cabe, the RIBA, Crisis and many others. It includes a series of academic conferences; a number of Housing special issue publications;  a series of film / media / art events; and a web platform for the sharing of project information for partners internationally. It brings together architects, planners, policy makers, artists, community activists and financiers. Books are published by UCL Press and Libri Publishing.


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