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Dr. Graham Cairns  has two primary areas of research:
Architecture as a Socio-Political Phenomenon  |  Architecture and Visual Culture


Architecture - Socio-Political

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Architecture as Political Image.

Investigations into the complex, polemic and, at times, manipulative use of architecture in historic and contemporary political communication.

Design for a Complex World - Challenges in Practice and Eduction.

This work cond=siders the social and environemntal implications and challenges facing designers of buildings, cities and landscapes from the postion of practitioner and eductor.


Reflections on Architecture - Socio-Cultural Tectonics in the 21st Century.

Research into various politcal positions as they manifest themsleves in architecural and urban design. Considered from teh perspective of different generations of designers, theorists and social critics.


​Selected Publications. 

Reification and Representation - architecture as political image.

Author. Routledge, Taylor&Francis.  ISBN 978-1-138-92741-4

Audience: Graduates


Reflections on Architecture – Social and Cultural Tectonics in the 21st Century.

Author / Co-Author. Routledge, Taylor&Francis.  ISBN  978-1-4724-5608-3

Audience: Graduates


Design for a Complex World – challenges in practice and education.

Editor. Libri Publishing: Oxford ISBN 978-1-907471-65-0.

Audience: Graduate/Undergraduate



Advertising and Commercial Architecture.

This research investigates the concurrent development of promotional and architectural design techniques in the second half of the 20th century.


Film and the Moving Image.

Examinations of the influence of the visual language if film in 20th century architectural design and theory.

Technologies of Representation and Vision.

Considerations of the role of ‘technologies of sight’ on the development of hostorical and contemporary architectural practice and theory.


Architecture - Visual Culture

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​Selected Publications. 

Visioning Technologies – the architectures of sight.

Editor. Ashgate, London. 2016 (forthcoming) ISBN 978-1-4724-5496-6

Audience: Graduates


The Architecture of the Screen: essays in cinematographic space.

Author. Intellect Books.  Bristol. ISBN: 978-1-84150-711-8. 2013.

Audience: Graduate/Undergraduate


Deciphering Art, Architecture and Advertising: selling to the sophisticated consumer.

Author. Libri Publishings: London.  2010. ISBN 978-1-907471-15-5.

Audience: Graduate/Undergraduate



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