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​Dr Graham Cairns, UK, has taught at Universities in Spain, the UK, US, Mexico, South Africa and Gambia. He has worked in architectural studios in London and Hong Kong. The author and editor of multiple books, he has delivered keynotes talks internationally and has published multiple articles on architecture, film and advertising in scholarly journals. He has two principal areas of research: Architecture and the Socio-political; Architecture as Visual Culture. Previously, he also ran a research based performing arts company, Hybrid Artworks, with a specialism in video installation and performance. He has held several leadership positions and has had research and teaching affiliations with several universities including Columbia University, New York, and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London.







As a writer Dr Graham Cairns has several books and numerous academic papers, journalistic articles, performance texts and published poetry. He has published in both English and Spanish and his work has been translated into French. His work covers the fields of architecture, visual culture, art history and socio-political theory. 
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In the realm of professional practice Dr Graham Cairns has experience of retail, commercial and residential projects in the UK and Hong Kong. Most of his studio work was carried out in the 1990s during which time he worked on both architectural and interior design projects. He has maintained links with practice in various roles with studios in the UK.

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2010 - present

2010 - present


As director, writer and producer of the interdisciplinary performance arts company, Hybrid Artworks, Dr Graham Cairns has worked on multi-media installations, theatre performances and made a number of short films. He has written and published poetry and has  given readings on BBC radio. The work of Hybrid Artworks has been documented in a number of books.
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As a professor of architectural history, theory and design Dr Graham Cairns, has been a visiting scholar, studio critic, lecturer and workshop coordinator at Columbia University, MIT and Oxford University amongst others. He was also head of the Architecture-Interior-Spatial Design programs at WSD, UK, and has been a curriculum Examiner, Validator and Advisor in the UK, South Africa, Spain and Mexico. 

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As an event organizer, Graham Cairns  has experience running back to the 1990s. He has managed events and performance pieces in theatre venues and  gallery settings, together with film screening and debate sessions across the UK. He also has extensive experience organizing academic symposia and conferences internationally.
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In his role as Director of the research organisation AMPS and its academic journal Architecture_MPS, now published with UCL Press, Dr. Graham Cairns has overseen publications from scholars across the world and has coordinated various international publications, research activities and conferences.

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PhD.    Architecture   (Specialism: History and Theory),    ETSAM.    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,     2010

M.A.   Architecture   (Specialism: Theory),   University of Lincoln,   1999

B.ARCH.   Post Graduate Degree in Architecture. RIBA II,  University of Lincoln, 1997

B.A. (Hons)  Degree in Architecture. RIBA I,  Liverpool John Moores University, 1992

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