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​Dr Graham Cairns is an author and academic from the UK with a cross-disciplinary approach to architectural history, theory and practice. He has approached architecture from the perspective of  filmic representation, installation art, practice and, more recently, as an explicitly political phenomenon. He has multiple books, is director of the research Organisation AMPS and Executive Editor of an the academic journal Architecture_MPS. He has worked across five continents and has developed theories on the application of post structuralism and phenomenology to commercial architecture; the influence of the 'visual language of film' on twentieth century architecture, and the employment of architectural imagery in political election campaigning in Western Democracies. 


He has two primary areas of research: Architecture as a Socio-Political Phenomenon  |  Architecture and Visual Culture





Period                          Roles                                                                                                             Location


2018-                          Professor (formerly Chair) Architecture & Interior Design               USA

                                      Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

2015-                          Senior Honorary Research Associate, Bartlett                                     UK

                                      School of Architecture. University College London, 


2012-                          Director, AMPS / Executive Editor, Architecture_MPS.                     USA/UK

2013-2015                Visiting Scholar,  GSAPP, Columbia University                                     USA

                                      New York City

2012-2013                 Research/Teaching Positions. Various                                                International


2005-2012                 Associate Professor / Program Leader, WSD                                     United Kingdom

                                       Researcher / Author


2000-2005                 Adjunct Faculty – Architecture, CEU                                                     Spain

                                       Doctoral Research – PhD Studies in Architecture, ETSAM

                                       Manager, Architectural English Language Services, AELTS


1997-2000                 Architectural Designer – Architectural Practice(s)                           United Kingdom

                                       Assistant Professor – Architecture, UEL


1995 –1999                Director, Hybrid Artworks – Installation Art/Performance           United Kingdom

                                        Masters and Post Graduate Research, Lincoln University


1993 –1995                Architectural Designer - Architectural Practice(s)                            Hong Kong


1989-1992                  Research Assistant – Architecture, LJMU                                         United Kingdom

                                        Undergraduate Studies – Architecture, LJMU


2010 - present

2010 - present

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